We produce quality wax foundations that we export to the surrounding countries, the EU and Turkey. We have woven a rich tradition and innovative long-term work into every piece of our beeswax foundations, which has been recognized by beekeepers all over Europe. We are the only certified exporter of wax foundations to the EU market in Bosnia.

The beeswax used for making beeswax foundations has been completely sterilized at a temperature of 130 C for two hours, so that the causes of bee diseases cannot be found in the product.
After sterilization, the beeswax is cooled and physical and chemical impurities (heavy metals and drug residues) are removed from it by special procedures, with which the beeswax may have been contaminated.

satne osnove ekomed

We are the only ones in this part of Europe to have this unique beeswax purification technology.
Wax foundations are made in our production on the most modern machines of the German company Bernhard Rietsche GmbH.

proizvodnja satnih osnova

Our wax foundations bases are characterized by a beautiful yellow color and scent.
Due to all of the above, our wax foundations bees likely accept, build and ingest honey inside.
The queen also gladly lays the honeycomb built in this way.

Certified production of beeswax foundations

Production of beeswax foundations in our company is approved by the Office for Veterinary Medicine of BiH, by Decision no. 04-1-27-11-834-4/18 and assigned veterinary control number NP-3-006. Under the same number, we are registered in Brussels, as an exporter of wax foundations and beeswax to the EU. Inspection supervision over production is performed by the Veterinary Inspection of RS and the Veterinary Office of BiH.

Regular health analyzes of our product are performed in the Veterinary Institutes in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, and the Institute of Public Health in Sarajevo.
The quality control, related to their behavior in the hives, is performed in our beehives.

We export in all neighbor countries, EU and Turkey.

Download the specification and user manual in PDF.


Our domestic customers can make orders via BiH or SRB webshop available in the top menu of our website, while our foreign customers should place beekeeping equipment and tools orders exclusively by direct contact (not via the webshop) for which they can use our contact form attached below: