Pogače protiv varoze pčela – NOVO NA TRŽIŠTU

 U sastavu antivarozne pogače nalaze se biljni dodaci (mješavina ekstrakta ljekovitog bilja i eteričnih ulja) koji djeluju protiv krpelja Varooa. Koristi se za proljetno, ljetno i jesenje prihranjivanje pčela. Potpuno ekološki preparat koji se može koristiti u pašnoj sezoni.


Sugarcakes type "O"
Sugar cake for bees "O" is used as basic food for bees throughout the year. In periods when bees do not have enough natural sugar food in nature, this cake will provide them with the necessary nutritional components.

Sugar cake for bees "Stimular"
Sugar cake for bees "Stimular" is rich in natural substances that stimulate the queen to lay a larger number of eggs as well as to the faster development of the bee colony. It is used for spring and early autumn feeding of bees.

Sugarcakes type "F" against nosemosis
The composition of the "F" cake there are herbal supplements and vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the bee's body and prevent the occurrence of bee nosemosis. It is used for autumn, winter and spring feeding of bees.

Sastav pogača:
Saharoza, glukoza, fruktoza, voda, vitamini i biljni dodaci,, vezivne materije.
Package 1 kg, package 10 kg.
Storage method:
At a temperature between 10 and 25 ͦC without exposure to direct light.

Invert syrup

Invert syrup is a ready-made liquid food for bees of the highest purity and usability.
The bees do not spend energy on the decomposition of sucrose, but get a syrup adapted to the bee's digestive organs.
Glucose, fructose, water.
The inverted syrup has an ideal ratio of glucose and fructose with an ideal consistency and guarantees the highest degree of utilization of liquid food by bees.
Way of use:
It is used as a ready-made liquid food for feeding bees in the period when they are not given solid food (sugar cakes).
The inverted syrup is ready for use without the addition of water.
Storage method:
Čuvati na suvom i tamnom mjestu na temperaturi između 15 C i 25 C. Proizvod je mikrobiološki stabilan i dugog je roka trajanja.
6 kg, package 24 kg.


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