Sirup invert 6 Kg

12.00 KM


Invert syrup is a ready-made liquid food for bees of the highest purity and usability.
The bees do not spend energy on the decomposition of sucrose, but get a syrup adapted to the bee's digestive organs.
Glucose, fructose, water.
The inverted syrup has an ideal ratio of glucose and fructose with an ideal consistency and guarantees the highest degree of utilization of liquid food by bees.
Way of use:
It is used as a ready-made liquid food for feeding bees in the period when they are not given solid food (sugar cakes).
The inverted syrup is ready for use without the addition of water.
Storage method:
Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature between 15 C and 25 C.
The product is microbiologically stable and has a long shelf life.
6 kg, package 24 kg.